Second Grade  Bilingual - Reading/L. A.
    Email: ddeliang@houstonisd.org 

    Greetings! I am Dilena Liang, This year I have been assigned to teach Reading/L.A. to the second grade bilingual students at Jean Hines Caldwell, I have been teaching bilingual 4th grade for 6 years and this is my second time teaching 2nd grade. I truly believe that every child who comes into my classroom has the ability to learn. To enable them to be successful, I just have to use the right tools (aids and strategies) to match their individual learning styles. I am devoted to teach and use my creativity to help my students to be successful. Every child is unique and able to learn so I always find a way to get my students involved in learning. I am never fully satisfied until I have exhausted all the resources and strategies available in helping my students become aware of their own potentials.



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