• Mr. Morales
    Educational Background
    I was born in Cuba, in which I received my Bachellor Degree in Geophysical Engineering (ISPJAE) in1986. Upon my arrival to USA in 1998, I changed my career dedicating my life to the art of teaching. Since then I have been working with HISD as certified bilingual teacher (EC through 4)
    Educational Philosophy
    I think that every human being has the God-given right to be educated, and in return should be thankful enough to give back in order to contribute to the blessings of others.
    Student Expectations
    1- 100% Attendance
    2- Respectful
    3- Homework Assignment Complete
    Conference Period

    Monday - Friday (12:15 pm- 12:30 pm)

    Student Words of Encouragment
    You can do it! Good try! Excellent!
    Mission Statement
    Our mission statement is to promote a culture of college-career readiness and high academic expectations for above grade level performance in a safe and nurturing environment that also promotes the health and medical sciences.
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