• Teachers:
    This is the Tijerina MAC Lab Schedule.  If you would like to schedule a time for your class, please email your CNS with the exact time and day that you would like to use the lab.  Lab sessions are divided up into 45 minute sessions in the following manner:  

    8:30 AM

    9:30 AM

    10:30 AM

    11:30 AM

    12:15 PM

    1:00 PM

    1:45 PM

    Session 1

    Session 2

    Ancillary (occupied)

    Session 3

    Session 4

    Session 5

    Session 6

    Please follow the following rules when using the lab: 
    • Be Prompt-Please leave the lab on time so the next group does not have to wait.
    • When you leave the lab, make sure all the computers are on the desktop screen with the Tijerina logo visible.
    • Do not allow your students to turn off the monitors
    • Do not allow your students to shut down the computers
    • Do not allow your students to chew on the headphone wires
    • Encourage students to bring their own headphones. (They can purchase earbuds at the dollar store.) 
    If your class has difficulties following the rules, their lab privileges may be forfeited.