• Students

    Learning is fun at Tijerina Elementary School!

Student Activities

  • 21st Century
    21st Century provides many exciting after-school activities for Tijerina Students.
    Robotics Robotics

    Tijerina's Robotics Program trains students in higher level problem solving.

    Accelerated Reader Accelerated Reader

    Students read books at their reading and interest levels and earn points to achieve their reading goals.

    GT Gifted and Talented

    Tijerina's Gifted and Talented program is a Vanguard Neighborhood program with GT clusters in the regular classroom.

    Soccer Soccer

    Tijerina students play soccer.


  • Students work hard and think hard at school every day to pass the test and move on for what they do. Students have their own way of showing their personalities. A lot of students work hard because they want to move on and have a future. Many students hate tests because they are hard for them but its really so they can learn and pass so every body can smart at something.

    Why go to school

    Some people love school because they want  to grow up and be smart  like the way their teachers taught them over the past years. A lot of people want to grow up and be something like their parents and teachers. If you go to school and stay there you will get a degree from collage. When you stay in school you will meet lots of new friends.