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    Gifted and Talented Students at Tijerina Elementary School
    At Tijerina Elementary, Gifted and Talented are challenged to their
    fullest potential with exciting, rigorous and advanced level projects.

GT Information

  • G/T  stands for Gifted and Talented.  Students who meet certain qualifications are assigned G/T status. Tijerina's Gifted and Talented program is a Vanguard Neighborhood program with G/T clusters in the regular classroom.  G/T students are served by certified G/T instructors in the four core academic areas. In addition, Tijerina invites G/T students to participate in an enrichment class.  Enrichment class meets  once a week on Fridays for one hour to develop special projects.  If you wish to view our students' projects, please register to receive your password.

     G.T. Requirements

    In order to qualify as G/T, students must meet Houston ISD's academic and aptitude requirements.


    If you wish to apply for your child to join our program, please visit our G/T coordinator and fill out an application.