In daily classroom Science instruction, Pugh scholars learn to explore and think critically through explicit questioning, observations, discussions and lab experiments. In each grade level, Pugh scholars master critical benchmarks that prepare them for a career in the STEM field.  
    Kinder: Scholars master observation through experiments.
    First Grade: Scholars master recording and gathering evidence through observations.  
    Second Grade: Scholars master investigations and predictions based on gathered quantitative and qualitative data.
    Third Grade: Scholars master drawing conclusions and inferences from explorations and data collection.
    Fourth Grade: Scholars master concepts in Life, Physical and Earth Science.
    Fifth Grade: Scholars master scientific investigation and reasoning skills within the concepts learned in Life, Physical and Earth Science.  

     In weekly Engineering Lab, Pugh scholars are immersed in experiences that introduce them to educational pathways in Engineering. We have a dedicated STEM lab teacher who plans weekly lessons that enable scholars to explore Engineering concepts that are often not introduced until high school in most school districts!