Music Programs

  • Garden Villas offers a comprehensive music magnet program that enriches the lives of our students. For the 2021-2022 school year, the following classes are offered:

    • General Music (Grades Pre-K, Kinder and 1st)
    • Band
    • Choir
    • Strings
    • Piano


    BAND: The band program offers a comprehensive music program that encourages confidence, discipline, and self-worth. The Garden Villas band has received local, state, and national acclaim in the past few years, including performing at the state capitol in Austin, the Mayor’s Office, Houston ISD Superintendent, and Disney World. The band consistently wins top awards at HISD Band festivals and contests.

    PIANO: The piano class is designed for students who are interested in learning the piano keyboard. Class Piano provides the pupil with an immediate personal experience of music making, as the fundamentals of music are learned. The learning outcomes are derived from growth in music reading and performance skills, recognition of notes on the grand staff, rhythmic patterns and music vocabulary. In preparing for concerts, after school rehearsals are offered for selected students.

    ORCHESTRA: We are pleased to welcome you to Garden Villas Orchestra! Students will explore instrumental playing, music reading, theory, music history and ensemble performances in this program. Instruction begins immediately and attendance in class is essential. Students will have opportunities to use instruments at school. Information about recommended rental sources will be sent home. Students in grades 3-5 will be in the advanced performing ensemble and placed by grade level and playing abilities. Orchestra members are expected to attend the mandatory weekly rehearsals, practice consistently, and bring music and instrument to each class. Performance at scheduled concerts is a requirement.

    CHOIR: The choral program is open to all students in 3rd through 5th grades. The choirs will perform in no less than two concerts per year and will receive calendars of events. Chorus members will develop proper singing skills, learn concert etiquette, and singing in large and small ensembles. The choirs will also take on the challenge of learning to sing in foreign languages as they explore other aspects of choral performance. Students are encouraged to attend after school practices and practice their music outside of the classroom. Students in 4th and 5th grades are also eligible to audition for the HISD Honor Choir!

    GENERAL MUSIC: In general music, students receive instruction in the fundamental elements of music, such as pitch, rhythm, and other musical essentials. Students also explore a variety of musical genres. This class is in compliment to one of the four music magnet disciplines of Piano, Choir, Band, and Orchestra.