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    • high frequency word evaluation

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      HFWE Administration Resource Links  Description and reference

      High Frequency Word Evaluation

      Use this document to find more information about HFWE administration and resources.

      Curriculum's HFWE Website

      See Curriculum's websit with HFWE Word ListsCards, and Test Window information.

      Virtual HFWE Administration

      Review this task card describing how to virtually administer HFWE assessments.

      Teachers will bring students into a Teams meeting, share their screen, and show students the HFWE online assessment while entering correct/incorrect responses into OnTrack for student.

      Demonstration Video

      Watch this 3 minute video for a demonstration of the HFWE virutual administration process.

      In Person HFWE Administration

      For in person administration, see this task card for that HFWE process.