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    Teacher Tidbits

    Rental videotapes in the classroom

    According to copyright laws, rental videotapes may be used in the classroom as part of instruction only. The following conditions must be met:
    1. The tape is shown as part of a regular instructional activity by a teacher in a face-to-face situation with students. Lesson plans should state the instructional purpose of the videotape, and include activities that will precede and follow the showing of the tape.
    2. The tape is shown at a non-profit educational institution.
    3. The tape is shown in a classroom or a similar place used for instruction.
    4. The tape must be a lawfully made copy. Movies rented from video stores meet this requirement, but movies taped from television do not.   

     Rental videotapes cannot be shown to students for rewards, recreation, rainy day, or end-of-school activities, or for any extracurricular use.

    Join the Public Library

    September is Library Card Sign-up Month.  In observance of this important event, our school plans to host the chief librarian from the Bellaire Library, our neighbor across the street!

    Online Resources

    Houston ISD has several digital resources for use by teachers and students, accessible from school or home.