• Our priority is to ensure that students in the Dual Language Program learn both English and Spanish at high academic levels. We track language learning progress in three ways: 
     Language Component    Assessment Used  Frequency  Interventions if targets are not met
     Speaking  IPT Oral in Spanish & English
     2x a year
    August & May 
     Rosetta Stone Language Lab & Intentional and Additional Speaking Opportunities
     Reading  DRA Running Record in Spanish & English 2x a year in non-native language and a minimum of 3x a year in native language   We have several intervention programs for students who are not Reading on Grade Level in both Spanish and English 
     Academic Content    District Common Assessments in Language of Instruction Every 4 weeks  We offer tutoring during the school day for students who are not meeting content grade level expectations
    During parent-teacher conferences, our teacher communicates to parents what the target scores are and where each child is performing in relation to those targets.  If you have not been able to attend one of our academic parent teacher meetings, please schedule an appointment to meet with your child's teacher in order to review this information.