HISD-ACP Program Fees

  • There is no cost to apply.


    Program Fees Fees   Description
    Program Cost $5,000.00 Deducted over 20 pay periods
    Technology Fee $35.00 Non-refundable fee charged by TEA (Texas Education Agency) for its technology.


*State of Texas Fees

  • Required Exams:  $116.00  per test

    • TX PACT Exam (if required)
    • TExES Exam (Content)
    • PPR Exam 
    • Science of Teaching Reading (STR)
    • All supplemental exams

    Fingerprints and Processing Fees:  $50.25

    Intern Certificate Fee:  $78.00

    Standard Certificate Fee:  $78.00

    Test Of English as a Foreign Language (if applicable): $205.00 


Other Fees