HISD-ACP Program Fees

  • There is no cost to apply.


    Program Fees Fees   Description
    Program Cost $4,400.00 This is the program cost that is deducted over 20 pay periods once you have been hired by the district. Half of this will be refunded in December, and the other half will be refunded in July, making the program a $0.00 cost.
    Technology Fee $35.00 This fee is the  fee charged by TEA (Texas Education Agency) for its technology.  The fee is non-refundable.


*State of Texas Fees

  • Required Exams:  $116.00  per test

    • TX PACT Exam (if required)
    • TExES Exam (Content)
    • PPR Exam 
    • Science of Teaching Reading (STR)
    • All supplemental exams

    Fingerprints and Processing Fees:  $50.25

    Intern Certificate Fee:  $78.00

    Standard Certificate Fee:  $78.00

    Test Of English as a Foreign Language (if applicable): $205.00 


Other Fees