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    Coach Edward's Basketball Team

    Burbank Soccer Team

    Burbank Elementary believes in providing students with the opportunity to learn valuable life skills through athleticsStudents will have the opportunity to participate in soccer, basketball, and other sports-related activities. Through these various activities, students learn the art of self-discipline and teamwork. We desire our students to develop skills that support success in the classroom and in life.

    Click here for a sample of Coach Jensen's virtual P.E. lessons! 

    Participation Expectations:

    • Maintain grades of 70% or greater in all classes
    • Excellent or satisfactory conduct
    • Excellent attendance record: limit of 4 excused absences an/or 2 unexcused absences
    • Demonstrates respect for others, environment, and materials
    • Positive attitude and willingness to practice and perform
  • Jensen
    Coach Jensen
    Athletics Director

    Coach Edwards
    Athletics & Basketball Coach

    Burbank Elementary

    Houston ISD
    Telephone: 713-556-2690
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