• Caring for your children with a variety of affordable activities in a safe environment

    The Garden Villas Elementary After School Program is a service provided by Zenith Learning.  The mission of Zenith Learning is to provide high quality after school care and enrichment classes while offering social, academic, and cultural learning opportunities that promote the social, physical, intellectual, and emotional development of children and youth in a safe, supportive, and structured environment. Click here for more information on how to sign up.


    A Typical Day at GVE's After School Program

    All children signed up for the After School Program arrive at the cafeteria for check-in. Each grade level is assigned a table. When all students have been checked-in, they are provided dinner and a snack, after which each grade level is directed to a certain activity with Zenith Learning staff member. Students work on their homework before going on to other activities. 


    Our After School Program has many components to keep your child engaged. Our goal is to help your child become a well-rounded individual by having fun activities while continuing to learn and grow.


    Students are provided assistance to complete their homework in a quiet and nurturing environment. Students can work on both daily homework and long-term projects. Teachers are available to answer questions and help students doing their homework.


    Each month has a theme-based curriculum allowing students participating in fun, STEM-based activities.


    Students are provided opportunities to do a wide variety of physical, character building and team building activities. They play games, engage in activities to strengthen their self-esteem, practice six pillars of character and work in groups.


    After being in a structured environment all day, time is given to the children to release energy through organized games and free play.


    The enrichment activities vary at each campus. But a few sample clubs include chess, martial arts, science, robotics, sports, arts & crafts and gardening.