Faculty & Staff Directory Listing

First Name Last Name Email Title
Brian Gaston BGASTON1@houstonisd.org Principal
Manika Arora MARORA@houstonisd.org AP Statistics Teacher
Cynthia Cantu-Luera CLUERA@houstonisd.org Administrative Asst, HS
Laura Coe Laura.Coe@houstonisd.org CATE Teacher
Kemuel DeCastro Kemuel.DeCastro@houstonisd.org AP Physics I Teacher
Usha Devathosh UDEVATHO@houstonisd.org AP Chemistry Teacher
Lucille Dew LDEW@houstonisd.org Registrar
Kenneth Dorsey KDORSEY@houstonisd.org Physical Education Teacher
Zuzu Feder zuzu.feder@houstonisd.org English Teacher
Ambarly French-Lott AFRENCH@houstonisd.org AP World History Teacher
Carmen Garcia CGARCIA8@houstonisd.org Dean of Students
Stacy Gonsoulin Stacy.Gonsoulin@houstonisd.org General Clerk
Deborah Greco DGRECO@houstonisd.org Social Worker
Kathryn Greene Kathryn.greene@houstonisd.org Biology Teacher
James Hopson James.hopson@houstonisd.org Algebra Teacher
Jamie Lopez JLOPEZ8@houstonisd.org English Teacher
Geoffrey Ohl GOHL@houstonisd.org Dean of Instruction
Janice Omoge Janice.Omoge@houstonisd.org English I Teacher
Leon Pitts LPITTS@houstonisd.org AP US History Teacher
Anne Powell APOWELL@houstonisd.org AP Human Geography Teacher
Mayra Ramirez mramir26@houstonisd.org Student Information Rep
Aleicia Roberts AROBERTS@houstonisd.org Instructional Specialist
Sonia Rodriguez SRODRI26@houstonisd.org English II Teacher
Kamil Safin KSAFIN@houstonisd.org Pre-Calculus Teacher
Victor Sanchez Victor.Sanchez3@houstonisd.org Choir Director