• M HawthorneMy name is Monica Hawthorne. I was a Dual Credit Information Technology Teacher for 15 years, and a High School Counselor for 1 year before becoming a High School Registrar. I am a product of Houston ISD, Madison High School, and love the fact that I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with Houston ISD students at NHECHS.

    Click here to access Registrar Office Services. From the linked page you will be able to:

    • Submit documents for Address Updates
    • NHECHS Graduates can schedule to pick up or reorder a diploma
    • DPS Verification of Enrollment requests (available at front desk)
    • Access Numeric Grade Conversion Statement of Intent
    • Access Off-Campus Physical Education Equivalent Program (OCPEEP) information
    • Request a Conference (Phone, In-Person, or via Teams) with the Registrar
    • Submit a request for your transcript, Verification of Enrollment letter, DACA documentation
    • Access list of Apex teachers with their available times for online support.

    Grad Lab Credit Recovery Information

    • APEX is assigned to students who have failed courses that are required for graduation. The courses are completely online and can be accessed from any device as long as there is Internet access.
    • The focus of the courses is for students to demonstrate they know the content.
    • Although due dates are set on APEX, students can work for as long as it takes to complete the course.
      • The dates are added to give students structure. If adhered to, the dates would complete their credit recovery requirements within a week or two of starting the course.
      • If students focus on doing 1-quiz/test a day, they will also complete the course within a week or two of starting.
      • I recommend to all students that they dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to their APEX courses to help them stay on track and not drag it out.
    • Click HERE to view APEX TEACHERS and the times they are available to meet with you.
    • Teachers and NHECHS APEX support are not available on school holidays.
    • All courses students currently have access to on APEX should be completed no later than September 10, 2022 to allow time for the completed credits to be posted and to schedule students into summer school for all incomplete credit recovery courses.
    • Email (MHAWTHOR@houstonisd.org) or call Ms. Hawthorne if you have any questions/concerns about Apex Credit Recovery.

    HISD Principal's Plan for Attendance Credit Appeal

    Students who have accumulated more than 10% unexcused absences in their courses during the school year will have asterisks printed on their report cards next to the courses in which the excessive absences occurred. These students will be denied credit in these courses based on the current HISD attendance policy unless the attendance committee grants credit because the absences are due to extenuating circumstances. Asterisks will begin to print in the cycle where the absence limit is exceeded. A school may not adjust, or alter in HISD Connect, the excessive absence limit used to deny credit.

    The Attendance Credit Appeal Application is a requirement for a student that has received no-credit (NG) status on their semester report card. Per the Texas Education Code (25.092)and FEC (LOCAL),a minimum attendance requirement of 90%of class meetings for the award of course credit.Students who lose credit due to excessive absences may appeal if the student achieves an average of 70 or above at the end of the semester in which the no-credit (NG) status appears.If a student’s absence percentage is 10-25% unexcused absences, please use the Principal’s Plan. If a student’s absence percentage is 26%+ unexcused absences, please refer to the Houston ISD Attendance Credit Appeal Application.


    • Step 1: At the end of each semester, campus personnel will review transcripts/ report cards for students that have received no-credit (NG) status on their semester grade(s).
    • Step 2: The Attendance Credit Appeal Committee will notify each student and parent regarding the Attendance Credit Appeal process (application) and deadlines. A parent and student signature are required to initiate the appeal process. To restore lost credits, a student with excessive absences in one or more classes will complete courses/activities for each class as follows:
    If a student absence percentage is: Students completes the following:
    10-25% Unexcused Absences 1 activity with a score of 70 or higher for each absence.
    26-30% Unexcused Absences 1 activity with a score of 70 or higher for each absence + Reflection Essay assigned by Principal
    31-40% Unexcused Absences 10 Hours Apex Tutorials + 1 activity with a score of 70 or higher for each absence + Reflection Essay assigned by Principal
    41-50% Unexcused Absences 12 Hours Apex Tutorials + 1 activity with a score of 70 or higher for each absence + Reflection Essay assigned by Principal
    51%+ Unexcused Absences 1 Hour added for each additional 10 absence percentage points (51-60%- 13 hours; 61-70%- 14 hours; etc.)  + 1 activity with a score of 70 or higher for each absence + Reflection Essay assigned by Principal
    • Step 3: The student submits the completed Attendance Credit Appeal Application for the Attendance committee to review.
    • Step 4: The Attendance committee approves or denies the course credits to be corrected and informs the student and parents of the final decision. The appeal is finalized after the correction is entered in HISD Connect.