• RHINO LAMS Discipline Plan

    In order to proactively ensure a safe and secure campus for every student, the following is the discipline guide for
    Las Americas Middle School.

    All students are expected to:

      Be respectful of others and all property.

      Be productive in all classwork and homework.

      Be responsible for personal behavior at all times.


    Discipline Procedure:

    1st infraction - Verbal warning
    2nd infraction - Teacher-student conference (Contract Generated)
    3rd infraction - Detention
    4th infraction - Lunch detention and phone call to parents
    5th infraction - Referral to office
    6th infraction - Suspension

    Electronic devices:

    Cellphones, MP3’s and other electronic devices are not allowed between the school hours
    of 8:25 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. 

    • Students will be given ONE warning. 
    • Confiscated items must be retrieved from the office for $20.