• Ms. Katherine Harris, Baylor College of Medicine STEM Specialist

    Phone: 713-226-4543
    Email: katherine.harris@bcm.edu 
  • My goal as a STEM educator is to increase student interest in, and preparedness for STEM studies and careers. After 11 years in public education—as a middle and high school science teacher and a district instructional specialist for science—I recognize the importance of a rigorous, engaging and relevant K-12 STEM curriculum. Throughout, I have worked eagerly with many students, teachers and administrators to transform science education and bring classrooms to life.  My current title is Project Manager and STEM Specialist in the Center for Educational Outreach at Baylor College of Medicine. My primary role is to work directly with the Baylor College of Medicine Biotech Academy at Rusk, located in Houston’s East End, to create a unique magnet program focused on the health sciences. I support teachers to ensure the school’s vision is fulfilled, in part by bridging the gaps between K–12 education, health sciences professionals, and industry. I also identify and create opportunities for Rusk students to interact with Baylor College of Medicine’s middle school curriculum and faculty. I am gratified to inspire these young students to pursue educational and extra-curricular experiences that will lead them to careers in STEM, particularly the health sciences.