Awareness Month


    November we remember to give thanks and think about what we are grateful for...




Helpful Tips

  • Affirmations during virtual learning


Upcoming Events

  • 8th grade PSAT testing

    All 8th graders will take the PSAT test on March 4th.   The PSAT is a paper/pencil test that is a predictor to how well a student will do on their SAT.  The SAT is a test taken in high school that is required for entrance into a chosen college/university.  ***Due to the option of virtual learning, testing will look a little different this year.  I will update you once I know from College Board how we will proceed.

    Three reasons why the PSAT is important:

    • A high PSAT can lead to a National Merit Scholarship
    • Can indicate future SAT performance
    • Doing well can boost confidence

    Please prepare your student by registering and logging in to the link below.  Here you will find practice questions to the PSAT.  Students have been informed about the importance of the PSAT and what it means for students who are interested in pursuing college after high school.