•  Benchmark 1: Target Population


    • Written admission policy and enrollment application

    • Written recruitment plan including a timeline of recruitment and enrollment events, and recruitment materials for distribution at feeder schools and other appropriate locations in the community

    • Brochures and marketing in Spanish, English, and/or other relevant language(s)

    • Written communication plan for targeting identified audiences, parents, community members, school board, higher education personnel, etc.


    Benchmark 2: Partnership Agreement


    Final, signed, and executed MOU


    Benchmark 3: P-16 Leadership Initiatives


    • ECHS/IHE leadership meeting agendas and minutes

    • School board and board of regents’ presentations

    • Description of each member and role in committee


    Benchmark 4: Curriculum and Support


    • 60 college credit hours crosswalk

    • Calendar of family outreach events

    • Professional learning community agendas and notes

    • Advisory/study skills curriculum material

    • Master schedules


    Benchmark 5: Academic Rigor and Readiness


    • Calendar of TSI test administration dates

    • Aggregate reports of TSI exam performance

    • Tutoring and bridge program schedules

    • Bridge program curricula


    Benchmark 6: School Design


    • Mentor/induction program plans

    • Annual training or professional development plan with ECHS and IHE faculty

    • ECHS leader/liaison meeting agendas and notes