A Shared Decision-Making Committee (SDMC) shall be established on each campus to assist the principal. The committee shall meet for the purposes of implementing planning processes and site-based decision making in accordance with Board policy and administrative procedure.


    The committee is an advisory group to the school principal except for approval of campus staff development. The committee must outline procedures for addressing the areas of involvement listed under Responsibilities, below and for decision making. The principal will consult the SDMC in matters relating to the school educational program, but the principal has the final authority in fiduciary and financial decisions.


    The areas that require involvement of the SDMC are:

     Implementing all pertinent campus-level planning processes;

     Developing recommendations for the school budget;

     Submitting recommendations for the school curriculum;

     Recommending changes in the school’s staffing patterns;

     Developing and approving the campus staff development plans;

     Developing, reviewing, and revising the School Improvement Plan (SIP) for the purpose of improving student performance for all student populations. After the principal approves the SIP, the SDMC will present the plan to the school-based professional staff for a vote of approval.

     Reviewing and making recommendations regarding the school’s organizational structure; and

     Establishing procedures to periodically obtain broad-based community, parent, and staff input.

    Meetings and Communications

    The principal or designee shall ensure that the campus-level committee obtains broad- based community, parent, and staff input through ad hoc committees, Web site, newsletters, and other methods as appropriate.

    Calendar: In addition to regularly scheduled meetings (approximately quarterly), the committee must hold at least one public meeting each year after receipt of the annual campus rating from the Texas Education Agency to discuss the performance of the school and the school’s objectives.


    Committee Members


    Name of SDMC Member


    Carolina Hernandez


    Victoria Watanak

    1st Grade

    Elizabeth Mulkins

    2nd Grade

    Monica Guebara

    3rd Grade

    Amalia Quirino

    4th Grade

    Belinda Garcia

    5th Grade

    Vanessa Neihouse-Chavez


    Luz Lorena Torres

    Special Education Rep.

    Irma Garza

    Non-instructional Staff

    Adriana Abarca-Castro


     Erika Hernandez


    Luz Torres

    School-based professional


    Meetings Schedule


     Quarter  Date
     Q1  September 26, 2019
     Q2  November 28, 2019
     Q3  February 13, 2020
     Q4  May 7, 2020


    Meeting Agendas









    Meeting Minutes