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    Students in a choir participate in a variety of activities related to singing and music performance. Here's a breakdown of what students in choir typically do:

    1. Vocal Warm-Ups: Choir members engage in vocal warm-up exercises to prepare their voices for singing. These warm-ups often include scales, arpeggios, breathing exercises, and vocalizations to improve tone, range, and flexibility.

    2. Learning Music: Choir members learn and memorize songs from various genres, including classical, folk, pop, jazz, and musical theater. They study the sheet music, paying attention to pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and expression.

    3. Rehearsing: Choir rehearsals are where students practice singing together as a group. During rehearsals, the choir director guides them through the music, refining their performance by focusing on aspects such as blending, timing, articulation, and phrasing.

    4. Performance Preparation: Choir members prepare for performances by rehearsing repertoire extensively. They work on memorization, interpretation, and stage presence, aiming to deliver polished and emotionally resonant performances.

    5. Concerts and Performances: Choir students showcase their talents through concerts and performances held at various venues such as theaters, auditoriums, churches, and community events. These performances provide opportunities for students to share their musical achievements with audiences.

  • Meet the Teacher!

    Laurie  Ebarb
    Choir Director

    Burbank Elementary
    Houston ISD
    Telephone: 713-696-2690
    Fax: 713-696-2691