• Damaged Laptops 

    If a laptop is stolen, missing, or damaged, the student must report it to B304 Power Up on the third floor. Speak to Mr. Daniels or Mr. Boleware

    • 1st offense: PowerUp Administrator explains to students about their laptop responsibilities and replaces the broken laptop. If the student has not paid the $25, the student will need to do so before a replacement is issued. If the laptop is Lost/Stolen, then full payment of the lost items or partial payment must be received before the student receives another laptop.
    • 2nd offense: Students and Parents will be notified about their 2nd offense (damaged) and will pay another $25 before a new device is issued.
    • 3rd offense: Missing, stolen, or damaged laptops are considered intentional.
    1. For damaged laptops, the Parent is responsible for repairs per HISD contract and no laptop will be issued back under the HISD neglect clause.
      • If a laptop is stolen/lost and a police report is filed twice within the same academic year, a laptop will not be issued per HISD contract.
      • If a student loses laptop privileges, the student is NOT allowed to bring their own personal devices. A laptop will be checked out daily by the student