• K Thompson


    Keisha Thompson is a Dance Educator with over 15+ years experience in the arts both professionally and within educational institutions. With a collegiate degree in Health and Nutrition from the University of Houston, Ms. Thompson’s aim is to combine physical and social-emotional health in dance in order to address the students’ well-being as a whole. Her professional dance career has garnered her the ability to have worked with and under artists and companies that nurtured her growth such as Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Finis Jhung Ballet, Broadway Dance Centre, Houston MET, and Houston Ballet Academy. 

     We conduct two yearly mid-year projects:

    1.) Dance Production Project 2020

    A student-led project that is comprised of a student production team (director, choreographer,  producer and screenwriter/manager) who work creatively as a team to produce a production based off a selected theme. Students are expected to maintain production costs within a specified budget and work in tangent with the Dance Director in order for the teams’ plan to be executed effectively.

     2.) Music Dance Video

Dance Production Project Trailer

Behind the scenes of the Music Dance Video Project

Music Dance Video Project Trailer