• Kendra


    My name is Kendra Berglund-Lee and I’m your School Counselor! The way I like to explain it to the kids is that the teacher teaches your brain and the counselor teaches your heart; you need both to survive! I started my teaching career as a 1st grade teacher here at Love Elementary. After 4 years of teaching, I completed my master’s degree in School and became a school counselor! I LOVE my job! I spend my day going into classrooms for whole group mini-lessons and pulling smaller groups I call Friendship Club. Being able to talk to the students about the importance of Respect, Honesty, and Friendship is truly a joy for me and I look forward to coming to work every day!!


    You can access my storytime youtube channel here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHxTiuzYWMq3gKzfX-IrpguiO3OzIxvor