Our History

  • Flight of the Bumblebee:
    Young Elementary School’s Heritage

    Our History

    The Sunny Side Addition

    The entire southeast area of Houston, adjoining the city, was once an old farm owned by the Masons. In 1912, Mr. H. H. Holmes, a real estate agent, developer, and former City Councilman, negotiated to purchase the land.


    From the business section of the city, Mr. Holmes traveled through thickets, muddy roads, and weeds to reach the area. In spite of the difficulty, it was a pleasure for him to pass through this section to the sunshiny prairie land where the farm was located. He often remarked that he was going out to the “sunny side” of town. After the farm was legally his, Mr. Holmes named it the Sunny Side Addition.                                                                                                                                                               


    When the area was surveyed for home sites, a plot was deeded for a school. On February 24, 1916, Mr. Jimmie Marshall moved into the Sunny Side Addition, increasing the number of families to nine. The parents wanted their children to attend school in the area. The community had a site for a school, but not a building.

    A School Needs a Building

    As a result, Mr. Marshall, Mr. Hardwell, Mr. White, and Mr. Lewis formed a committee to spearhead the project of acquiring a school for the Sunny Side Addition. The committee visited the Trustees and asked for a building. Their initial attempts were unsatisfactory. The committee continued to work for a school building. Finally, Trustees Vassat, Tuffley, and Hartsfield agreed to give the Sunny Side Addition a 20 x 30 building as a school facility. Because of Mr. Holmes’ interest and encouragement in the project, the new school carried the name of the community, Sunny Side School.

    Located on the corner of Holmes Road and Scott Street, Sunny Side opened its doors in 1918 with only 20 students and one teacher, Mrs. N. J. Lewis. Years later, Mrs. Ethel Mosley Young became the first principal of Sunny Side School.

    Sunny Side Yesterday


    From 1918 to 1960, Sunny Side experienced numerous growth spurts. At one time the school enrollment reached 1,400 students with 34 temporary classrooms and as many as 20 teachers on double sessions. Until 1952, Sunny Side was the only elementary school in the Sunny Side area. Between 1952 and 1960, five additional elementary schools were constructed. Sunny Side completely outgrew its original structure, and in September 1960, 1,000 students and 29 faculty members moved into the school new facility at 3555 Bellfort.


    Sunny Side School Becomes E. M. Young Elementary

    On October 23, 1999, the Houston Independent School District renamed Sunny Side School for the first principal: Ethel Mosley Young.  With our new look, the Young ES Mighty Bumble Bees continue to buzz into the 21st century, earning a TEA Recognized school. 

    Ethel Young

    E. M. Young Elementary Today


    In 2011-12, Young Elementary became Ethel Mosley Young College & Career Preparatory Academy as part of the Apollo 20 Program. 

    The 2012-13 school year will begin with a new focus, new staff members, and a new principal dedicated to making Sunnyside #1.   Young Prep will focus on four major areas mentioned on our school crest; Leadership, Character, Literacy, and College Readiness.  Young welcomes all to stop by and see what we are about and where we are headed! 

    100% NO EXCUSES!!!