• Immunization Requirements

    The Texas Administrative Code requires that “every child in the state shall be immunized against vaccine preventable diseases caused by infectious agents.” (TAC RULE §97.63) A list of required vaccinations is available from our school nurse. If a student fails to comply they will NOT be allowed to attend school (TAC RULE §97.66). Emerson Elementary School will notify the student in writing if they are out of compliance and will follow-up with a phone call to the parent or guardian. Please do NOT disregard this notice from our school nurse. It is your responsibility to be sure the school has your current address and phone number on file.
    The following immunizations are required:

    1. DPT/DT - 4 doses required with last dose after age 4 and1 within 10 years.
    2. Polio (oral) 4 doses required, with last dose after age 4
    3. MMR (rubella, rubeola, mumps) 2 doses required, 1st dose after age 1 
    4. Hepatitis B - 3 doses required.
    5. Varicella (Chickenpox) 1 dose on or after 1st birthday,2nd dose required if 1st dose was after age 13 yrs, or history of illness.
    6. Hepatitis A-2 doses for children 4 and under
    7. HIB- 4 does for children 4 and under
    8. Pneumococcal conjugate- 4 doses for ages 4 and younger