Dual-Language Program

  • Emerson Elementary offers a dual-language immersion program at each grade level.  HISD's dual-language immersion program helps students to become fluent in both English and Spanish.Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Program (TWBIP). In TWBIP classrooms, a combination of native Spanish speakers and native English speakers are taught together in an effort to develop full bilingualism and biliteracy for both groups of students.  All participating students receive instruction in language arts and content subjects primarily in Spanish in the early grades (K-3) with a grade specific amount of English as a Second Language/English Language Development instruction incorporated daily. English instruction is gradually increased through the grade levels (K-3) and by fourth grade instruction is presented in a 50% Spanish/50% English format.  In grade five, instruction is delivered through a 40% Spanish/60% English mix.  In grades 4-5 the language of instruction is determined by content area.  In fourth grade language arts, reading and mathematics are taught in Spanish and Science, Social Studies, and English literature are taught in English.  In fifth grade language arts, reading, mathematics, and science and taught in English and Social Studies and Spanish literature are taught in Spanish.  LEP students, who meet exit criteria anytime in this program, are reclassified as non-LEP, but remain in the program with parent permission.

    Contact the Multilingual Dept. (713-556-6961) for more information concerning this program option.