• Uniforms/Dress Code

    Approved Emerson Shirt Students must wear the school uniform everyday. Students may wear a navy blue polo shirt and khaki pants.Approved Khaki Pants  The students must wear khaki walking length shorts or long pants.  Girls may wear khaki jumpers or skirts, no stretchpants or jogging pants.  Tennis shoes are encouraged and sandals are discouraged. All students are required to tuck in their shirts at all times. When the weather turns cool, the students may wear any color coat to school, however, if they wear a sweater or sweatshirt over their school uniform during the school day, then the sweater or sweatshirt must be navy blue.No hats are allowed during school hours.    On Fridays only, the student may wear the current Emerson t-shirt with jeans, jean shorts, or the standard uniform bottom.  The school uniform policy will never change.  Uniform violations will result in appropriate disciplinary actions.  Emerson counts on parents’ support of the uniform policy.