The Texas Tomorrow Fund

  • For a two-year program, college tuition ranges from $4,722.00 for a two-year college to $47,424.00 for a private four-year college or university (Source: College Board's Trends in College Pricing 2007). College tuition costs are rising as much as 6% per year.  

    The Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (formerly the Texas Tomorrow Fund) locks in the cost of tomorrow's college tuition and required fees at today's prices. Plan benefits are protected by a constitutional guarantee from the State of Texas. However, the plan is currently closed to new enrollment.

    The 80th Texas Legislature recently passed House Bill 3900 that authorizes a new prepaid tuition plan, the Tomorrow Fund II. The Tomorrow Fund II will offer prepaid tuition contracts starting September 1, 2008 and will be a separate program from the existing Texas Guaranteed Tuition Program.