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     Studies have shown that parental family involvement in a child’s education greatly increases the success of the student. Please know that you are always welcome at Lockhart. The PTO offers many opportunities for families to become more involved in every aspect of their child’s education.

    Parent involvement can be as much or as little as you can give. It can be as simple as making a few phone calls a month to serving as chairman of a committee. Lockhart PTO realizes that time has become the most valuable commodity to families these days and even an hour a month can be helpful to the PTO.

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    Executive Board

    President: Michael G. Davis

     1st Vice President: Lorita Malveaux
    2nd Vice President: Deondra Jackson
    Secretary: Amanda Garner

    Treasurer: Lashan Woodard

    Assistant Treasurer:  Erica Washington

    Parliamentarian: Charles Sloan 

    SDMC Representative:  Della Holden

    Membership/Volunteer Coordinator: Janelle Davis

    Teacher Liason:  Antonia Batres (Pre-K)

    Teacher Liason: Kevin Bustos (Technology)