Wellness in the Family initiative (WIFI) 2019 – Connecting Community is a total school-wellness initiative designed foci to enhance attendance and mental health; and to provide school uniforms, inclement weather clothing and life-skill essentials to the scholars, teachers and families of Houston Lockhart Elementary School and the Third Ward community.


    While servicing the need to prioritize school attendance and community-wellness we as educators, parents and community leaders have the responsibility to help motivate and preserve young lives. Today, social injustices, technology and a weakened family structure are diminishing life-skills, verbal communication, the hope of our youth globally. So now more than ever it will take a village… Lockhart Elementary Wraparound Services has created a unique program and family-engaging event structure aimed to aide the needs of the elementary educational system.


    WIFI – 2019 will consist of daily wraparound services and communal outreach, culminating to a community STEM-Spring Fashion Show, Mental Health Symposium, a Community Garden and more! Each event will be geared to bring awareness to and enhance our program focus points and will be hosted by the scholars, teachers and administrative team of Lockhart Elementary. WIFI will boast our beautiful state of the art STEM campus located at 3200 Rosedale Street, In the Heart of Third Ward, Houston, Texas 77004.


    Help us preserve the wellbeing of our most precious natural resource… our youth!

    WIFI-2019 Connecting Community Team

    Lockhart Elementary School


    Paul Queen

    Wraparound Resource Specialist


    Office: 713-942-1950

    Mobile: 832-368-8662