Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Email Title
Cameshia Emerson Principal, Elementary School
Antonia Adams Tchr, Pre-Kindergarten
Christina L Anderson Assistant Principal
Mariela Arredondo Office Manager
Jailyn Battin Learning Coach
Chanel Biggers Teacher Apprentice
Ashley Brown Tchr, 5th Grade ELA
Whitney Bruns Assistant Principal
Kevin Bustos Tchr, Multi-Grade Computer Science
Sheila Celestine-Ford Tchr, 5th Grade Math
Darian Craver Teaching Assistant, Pre-kindergarten
Mykelle Daily Tchr, Multi-Grade STEM
Jonshara Demease Special Education Support
Deandra Dixon Tchr, 3rd-5th Art of Thinking
Pavaflle Duprey Tchr, 4th Grade Math
Shawn Garvin Tchr, Special Ed SC BSC
Dewhanna Guilbeaux Dewhanna.Guilbeaux@houstonisd.opprg Tchr, 1st Grade
Marques Guillory Tchr, Multi-Grade Physical Education
Alia Hall Tchr, 2nd Grade
Shanquia Hall Tchr, 3rd-5th Art of Thinking
Chemina Hanley Tchr, 2nd Grade
Denzel Harper Tchr, 5th Grade
Cheryl HartMcTear Teaching Assistant, Special Education
Ashley Hicks Tchr, 3rd Grade
Anteniece Hodges Tchr, 5th Grade ELA
Kimberly House Teaching Assistant, Special Education
Linda Houston Student Information Rep-11M
Culethia Jackson Teacher Apprentice
Aaron Johnson Tchr, 1st Grade
Jalani Johnson Tchr, 4th Grade
Sydney Johnson Tchr, Kindergarten
Amaris Kemp Teacher Aprentice, 3rd grade
Charles Koen Tchr, 4th Grade Math
Rosalyn Latin Assistant Principal
Lavada Lindley Office manager ES 1
Debora Lindsey Tchr, Special Education
Tresa Lyons Counselor
Lakesha Maybudgewater Counselor
Jennifer Mosley Tchr, Sp Ed Self Contained
Deborah Neal Nurse
Taylor Overshown Tchr, Kindergarten
Aminah Quadri Tchr, 3rd-5th Grade Science
Shenette Roberts Learning Coach
Sabrina Roberts Leroy Teaching Assistant, Pre-kindergarten
Morgan Robertson Tchr, 4th Grade ELA
Whitney Roper Tchr, Pre-Kindergarten
Hayli Scott Learning Coach
Lauren Shackelford IAT 504 Coordinator
Lillian Sims Tchr, Kindergarten
Alliah Spencer Teacher Apprentice, 3rd Grade
Mariah Sunkett Learning Coach
Candice Taylor Teaching Assistant, Special Education
Carson Thomas Teacher Apprentice, 5th Grade
Cassandra Thomas Tchr, 1st Grade
Christian Thomas Tchr, 3rd-5th Art of Thinking
Hyacinth Thomas Tchr, 3rd Grade
Ismal Trayham Tchr, Kindergarten
LaTorria Valley Tchr, Multi-Grade Art
Petra Vela Copy Clerk
Shemeka Williams Teaching Assistant, Kindergarten
Mesi Wilson Tchr, pre-Kindergarten
John Winston Tchr, Special Education