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    Scarborough High School

    Community Service Award

    Sponsor: Patti Gabler
    Telephone: 713-613-2200 ext.438
    Fax: 713-613-2205

    Forms available on the Community Service Forms link

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     Community Service is important not only to the community but also to the

    students serving the community. The students can benefit from the exposure to new

    places and ideas to which they normally would not be exposed. Many scholarship

    applications ask students to list community services they have been involved with during

    their high school career.

    Students who complete the number of service hours required will be recognized at

    graduation. Students will receive their cords during the Texas Scholar Program.

    Students CANNOT get paid for this volunteer work. All hours of community

    service are to be worked outside of school hours. Students are to complete the community

    service on the weekends or after school hours. Court-mandated community service

    hours CANNOT be used for this award.