• In order to maintain effective traffic safety procedures, parent cooperation will be needed. Our goal is safety for your children, not convenience and time-saving for parents. You can help promote our safety procedures with your children by observing the following regulations:

    Do not park in bus zones at any time. Bus zones on Milwee are for HISD buses and bus zones on Costa Rica are for private buses and handicapped buses.

    Do not double park on the street or leave your car in the middle of the street unattended under any circumstances. This is against the law and you could be given a citation.

    Do not block driveways (you could be towed). Do not leave cars unattended in parking lot lanes before and after school. Students should not cross the street to get into cars. If you are picking up or dropping off students please enter the parking area. The street is very dangerous for children.

    If you park across the street, you must get out your car and walk your child across the street to your car. Teachers will not allow students to walk across the street by themselves. If at all possible try not to park across the street.

    All traffic will enter the parking area through the north gate near Lamonte Street and those who enter first must proceed as far as the crosswalk. Please let the assigned staff direct you. All cars will exit from the south gate near Milwee Street. Please do not leave your car unattended when you are in line. The line should flow smoothly at dismissal. If you have to wait too long for your children traffic will back up. Please either park in a designated parking space or drive around and enter again.

    Bus Riders
    Students who misbehave when waiting to ride the bus, riding the bus or getting off the bus forfeit the right to bus privileges.

    Students picked up by day care and private buses must be outside on time waiting for buses.

    Bicycle Safety
    Bicycle riders will observe the same safety rules as automobile drivers; stopping at stop sign, riding single-file on the right hand side of the street. There will be only one rider to a bicycle.

    All bicycle riders must wear helmets.

    Bicycles must be walked on and off the campus and on all sidewalks adjoining the school.

    Crossing guards are located at Watonga and Lamonte, Mangum and Lamonte, Lamonte and Costa Rica. They are on duty from 7:15-8:15 and 2:30-3:30.

    Walk on sidewalks where possible, if not, walk close to the side of the street. Do not cross in front of cars exiting the driveway at the south gate.

    Always walk in pairs or groups.