• Students are required to wear uniforms Monday through Friday. Occasionally, free dress days will be announced. The principal has the final authority for dress code decisions.
    • Solid color polo style shirts in dark green, navy, or white.
    • Shirts must fit appropriately. 
    • Only white undershirts are permitted and should not be visible. 
    • Wainwright spirit shirts are allowed on Fridays only. 
    • Khaki (tan) solid colored pants, skirts or shorts. Khaki colored denim is not allowed. 
    • Pants, skirts and shorts must fit properly at the waist. A belt is preferred to hold up pants.
    • Shorts and skirts may not be more than 2 inches above the knee with no splits or slits.
    • Cargo pants and shorts are not allowed.
    • Oversized, undersized, torn, or frayed pants are not permitted. 
    • Denim blue jeans are permitted on Fridays only with a Wainwright spirit shirt. 
    • Closed-toe shoes and socks are worn at all times. 
    • Hoodies and jackets may be worn outside the school building during appropriate weather. Hoods should not cover the head. Uniforms must be worn under hoodies and jackets at all times. 
    • Clothing items, including jewelry and other accessories, which distracts from the educational process, is not allowed. This includes anything depicting the occult, gang membership, death, suicide, violence, drugs, sex, race, gender, obscenities, alcohol, items with double meanings or anything else deemed inappropriate.
    • Hats, caps, headbands, head coverings of any kind, and/or sunglasses may not be worn in the building. If worn they will be taken and returned only to a parent or guardian.
    • Electronic devices and skateboards are not allowed inside the building or during school hours in the courtyard area. Electronics include “Walkman” type headsets, MP3 players, radios, electronic games, and other noise-making devices. Items will be confiscated and will only be returned upon payment of a 15.00 administrative fee.
    • Clothing that reveals undergarments when sitting, walking, or bending is not allowed. 
    • Clothing that has been ripped, torn or cut and shows skin and/or undergarments is not allowed.