• Community Services Homebound Program

    The Community Services Homebound Program offers instruction by certified teachers to students enrolled in an HISD campus who will be absent for medical reasons for at least four weeks. It is offered as part of the district’s service to students in grades K-12 with non-contagious illnesses or other medical reasons as documented by a licensed US physician. Medical reasons may include accidents, surgeries, infections, diseases and illnesses. Mental health referrals must be pre-screened (see Community Services website for screening process instructions prior to making a mental health referral). Instruction takes place at the student’s residence.  Homebound referrals are initiated by the campus of enrollment nurse or principal designee, using the referral packet forms. Homebound placement should not be considered a long term or permanent alternative to traditional campus-based instruction. If you are a parent interested in Homebound services for your child, please contact the nurse at your child's home campus for more information.


    Campus nurses/principal's designees should email the appropriate contact below in order to obtain the referral packet.


    Homebound Contacts:
    General Education--
    Dr. Jimmie Smith Jr. 
    Phone: (713) 967-5285   
    Grades: K-5th 

    Ms. RaTaisha Davis
    Phone: (713) 967-5285   
    Grades: 6th-12th
    Special Education--
    Ms. Catherine Josey, Special Education Department Chairperson & Homebound Special Education
    Phone: (713) 967-5285   ext: 61290
    Pregnancy Related Services 
    Nurse Carla Carter 
    Phone: (713) 967-5285
    ***Deadline for homebound referral submission for the 2023-2024 school year is May 2, 2024.***