• Community Services Agency Program

    Agencies are contracted residential facilities which provide care for students admitted for non-educational reasons. Community Services teachers provide onsite instruction for students in partnering agencies. The placement of these students is initiated by parents or a social/judicial institution. There is no referral process for enrolling students into this program.

    Residential Facilites and Hospital Contacts:
    Ms. RaTaisha Davis, Dean of Students, Residential Facilities and Hospitals
    Email: rdavis23@houstonisd.org 
    Phone: (713) 967-5285
    Ms. Heidi Cisneros, Assistant Principal, Residental Facilities and Hospitals
    Email: heidi.cisneros@houstonisd.org
    Phone: (713) 967-5285
    Ms. Tabitha Hobbs, Special Education Department Chairperson & Homebound Special Education
    Email: thobbs1@houstonisd.org
    Phone: (713) 967 - 5285 ext:61290