• UIL Competition Speech


    written by Gabriela Denby


    I'm being held after school. I don't know why?


    Teacher said I called Suzzy an “ugly turtle” and I made her cry!


    But I was only being honest, I also told her to “cover her face” since she is going to look that way she needs to be more modest.


    Of course Teacher wouldn't let go of my verbal indiscretion. She called my mom and oh boy, she left a nasty voice massage.


    She stapled a note to my shirt, and I almost died when I saw my mom pull up. I knew I was a goner. Oh the things she will do because I brought her dishonor. I started thinking where I should lay my grave? Then it hit me R.I. P. - Rest In the Playground.


    She told me “get in the car”, and nagged about the things I done. Like cutting Joe's hair, and my best prank by far, locking Teacher out of the classroom and calling her a “Hotdog”.


    My punishment is I have to define a “bully” but I'm only 6 why are they doing this to me. But I have to do this so I don't get expelled, mom says “MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT as well!!”.


    So now I'm on Google, the more I read the deeper I got in to.


    Verbal bullies say things to make you cry. Make you feel hurt and lost,  no light inside.


    I'm thinking this was worse than Baymax almost dying in Big Hero 6, who would do such a thing?

    Physical bullies lay hands on you and harm you. Just cause you are different what kind of monster are you?

    Cyber bullies type up mean massages. Saying you have more head than body and say you look ridiculous.


    I remember that joke I told Conney, said her nose was so big her boogers looked like green apples that left her crying.


    As I kept reading I thought who would do such a thing. Looked up from my tablet realized it was me.


    Now I'm sorry and I'm gonna fix it. Apologize and beg for their forgiveness. Bullying is not cool, I hope you got the massage.

    A year later in 2nd grade my whole life changed. Next thing you know I'm the coolest kid everyone knows my name.


    Conney forgave me, we are very close friends. Teacher doesn't think I'm a devil baby and always invites me in.


    Over a period of time, your life starts to change. I'm always going to be nice, that's never gonna change.