• Welcome to Briargrove Elementary School!
    When a child walks into a new elementary school on the first day, she or he is filled with anticipation, trepidation and lots of excitement. What can she or he expect? What will Briargrove Elementary be like? 
    Our first mission is to welcome that child into a warm, nurturing community, to make explicit that elementary school is a wonderful adventure and each child a special participant. We have an important responsibility—to identify and build upon common values, to make a family out of a group. 
    In Elementary School, new academic and social skills develop that will unlock the world. By providing experiences that engage imagination and curiosity, we build self-reliance and confidence. When children are authentically involved in the learning process they are motivated, persistent, industrious and enthusiastic. 
    We build habits of mind and love of learning through work in literature, writing, math, science, the arts and the study of a new language. Each child has much to contribute and much to learn. What an exhilarating journey! 
    I look forward to joining with you on this wonderful adventure that is just around the corner.
      Thayer Hutcheson
    Assistant Principal
     Jessica Davis
    International Baccalaureate Coordinator
    Quinetta Sampy
    Instructional Specialist
    Carrie Po