The Vanguard Neighborhood Program

  • What does “Vanguard” mean?
    In accordance with the Vanguard Standards the term “Vanguard” is used in HISD synonymously with “gifted and talented”. HISD has offered Vanguard programs since 1974.
    What is the Vanguard Program?
    The Vanguard program is designed for G/T students in grades K-12 who excel in general intellectual ability in combination with creative/productive thinking and/or leadership ability. Vanguard programs provide services that are comprehensive, structured, sequenced, and appropriately challenging. HISD curriculum is differentiated by modifying the depth, complexity, and pacing of the general school program, utilizing higher-level thinking skills, and developing independent research skills focusing on advanced-level products.
    Where can I find more information?
    The Advanced Academics Department website, and the Office of School Choice website, contain general information about Vanguard programs, the application process, the G/T Identification criteria, applications, and links to related websites.
    Questions or interests regarding the Vanguard Neighborhood Program at Briargrove?
    Feel free to contact Mrs. Carrie Po, Briargrove Elementary Vanguard Coordinator