Although wins and losses are the markers that normally categorize success, they should never be the cornerstones of the PROGRAM.  The VISION of our Athletic Program is about the benefits which are; the experience, involvement, community service, educational process and establishing character that can be shaped and molded by the TEAM.  The focus on the vision and philosophy of the Athletic Program brings with it a tremendous list.  All of which must be recognized to meet the goals that have been set for athletes.  It is also important to realize that within the realm of establishing a program that offers an opportunity for every student athlete to participate in some form or fashion. 

    Athletics is a privilege and not a right.  These student athletes will be held to a higher standard and realizing this fact makes it necessary to establish proper standards which will be taught and carried out.  The wins and losses will take care of themselves and WE WILL PUSH to take care of the wins!  “BLEED BLUE & GOLD!”



    While some sports require try-outs, most do not. (Please refer to individual web pages.) If you are interested in playing a particular sport, please contact the coach first and then see your dean to be placed in the appropriate athletic period.

    All athletes must be insured to participate in any athletic activity! HISD offers Student Accident/Athletic Insurance at a reduced cost of $35.00 per athlete, per school year. You must make one of three choices with regard to student insurance:

    1. You have insurance and waive HISD insurance; complete your insurance information and check “HISD Waiver” box on the Medial Information Form. You must turn in a copy of your insurance card and fill out a waiver and return it to your coach;
    2. You have insurance and want HISD insurance to act as secondary coverage; pay $35, complete your insurance information and check the “School Insurance” box; or
    3. You do not have insurance; pay $35 and check the “School Insurance” box.

    If you are purchasing HISD insurance, please include cash, check, or money order (payable to Westside High School Athletics) with your packet forms.

    * If you elect to waive HISD insurance, please ask your head coach for a waiver form. This is required by HISD and must be notarized.



    BTW/HSEP offers a wide variety of athletic programs for both boys and girls. Please visit their individual web pages for information and schedules.



    Additional information on HISD athletics, including stadium locations, can be found on their website at https://www.houstonisd.org/Page/56847.