John Hendrickson, Principal

  • Mr. Hendrickson
    Welcome to Field Elementary’s Website,
    Welcome to our web page. We are a small elementary school located in the Heights. We have an excellent academic program and our music program is also superb. Mrs. Carolyn Davis our music teacher conducts staff developments for HISD music teachers. She is committed to teaching all students the basics of music and developing their enjoyment of music. We have an excellent reading teacher that is our librarian. Mrs. Esquivel believes in using the library as a vehicle to get students to enjoy reading and use the library as a learning tool. Our classes have Smartboards, computers, and ipads.  We have three computer labs as well as computers in the library. 
    The Friends of Field and the P.T.O. have provided funds for fine arts programs at the school. For some classess we have HITS, Open Dance Project, and Iconoclast.  We also have many field trips to enrich our students. Our fourth graders will visit Texas A&M in Galveston this year again. We have the  Writers in the Schools (WITS) Program for some of our classes. Fifth graders take a field trip to Biztown, where they will “run” a fictional town for the day. 
                  You are welcome to visit our school. Please call us at 713-867-5190 to schedule a tour. We look forward to your visit.