All students attending Baylor College of Medicine Academy will be required to follow the BCMA Dress Code. All articles of the uniform are to be maintained and worn in a way that represents the individual students and the school in a positive way. Students are required to wear the uniform dress to the campus and throughout the entire day until leaving after school. Changes in the restroom prior to leaving school are not allowed.

    Standard Dress






    ID Badge

    School Issued



    Polo shirt with BCMA logo from Academic Outfitters

    6th Grade - Grey

    7th Grade - Navy

    8th Grade – Burgundy/Wine


    Belted at the waist, trouser fit

    No Cargos

    No Skinny Pants/Jeans

    No Jeans

    No Capri Pants


    Shorts and Skirts


    Belted at the waist, trouser fit, knee length ( Solid White or Black tights may be worn underneath the skirt- Tights do not compensate for the length of the skirt)

    No Cargos

    No Jeans

    No mini skirts


    Sweaters and Sweatshirts (pullover)

    Cardigan sweaters, v-neck sweaters, sweater vests, & crew neck sweatshirts; Hoodies cannot be worn over the head during the school day



    Must be closed-in and have a “rubber” sole. The thickness of the heel and/or sole may not be more than one inch.


    Spirit Friday







    Spirit shirts or BCMA club t-shirts/sweatshirts, organization t-shirts/sweatshirts, class t-shirts/sweatshirts; 



    Blue jeans or regular BCMA khaki uniform pants

    No Skinny Pants/Skinny Jeans

    No Sagging or Baggy Pants

    No Ripped, Torn, or Un-hemmed Pants

    Khaki or blue jean




    1st infraction

    ½ hour detention after school,
    parent notification


    2nd Infraction

    1 hour after school detention,
    parent notification


    3rd Infraction

    2 Hours Saturday detention (Un-served detention converts to P [poor] in conduct


    Continued Infractions

    Disciplinary probation, parent conference, 1 hour detention


    Accessories and Grooming Standards:


    School issued student ID badge must be visible at all times.

    Jewelry, make-up and other such matters are permissible unless they are distracting or disruptive in the classroom. All acceptable neckwear (necklaces) must be tucked inside the uniform shirt. Earrings may be worn if they are smaller than a quarter.

    ·         No facial or body piercing jewelry (other than earrings) is allowed.

       No writing with markers or other writing utensils is allowed on any part of the school uniform. Exposed tattoos and/or use of pens, pencils, or markers to make marks on the skin are also inappropriate for school and expressly prohibited.

        No hats or head-covering other than those required by religious practice. No Hoodies.

        No brightly dyed hair color is allowed.  Examples include, but are not limited to, pink, purple, blue, & green.

        Personal grooming is restricted to restroom facilities.


    Special Circumstances and Events:


      On Fridays, in addition to the regular BCMA school uniform, students may also choose to wear approved BCMA spirit, club, or organizational shirts, and blue jeans.  Excessively tight, baggy, or ripped jeans are not permitted, and “sagging” of pants is not permitted.

       Field trips Casual Friday attire and free dress day attire are not permitted for students attending a field trip. Students must wear the regular BCMA school uniform, even if the trip is on a Friday or a free dress day.

      On Free Dress Days (which only occur with advanced notice from the school), students are expected to maintain dress code standards with the following exceptions:


    o     May wear any color.

    o     May have any ornamentation which is not disruptive or offensive.

    o     The BCMA uniform shirt is not required, but a shirt with sleeves must be worn.

    o     Pajama apparel is not appropriate for school.

    o     Additional criteria may be announced for special days.



    BCMA administration reserves the right to determine if a student’s dress is a disruption to the educational process.  All such decisions are final.