Mission and Department Goals

  • The department's mission is to support Houston Independent School District schools to build capacity to provide a safe and healthy environment in which students have the optimum opportunity to benefit from education and achieve their maximum potential. The department's vision is to transform all school communities into healthy settings that support access to equitable health assets for all students.

    Department Goals:

    • Guide and support the development of an effective school health program.
    • Support access to services that reduce health-related barriers.
    • Support appropriate interventions for students with high-risk medical needs or chronic medical conditions that jeopardize their physical and mental health and put them at risk for failure and dropout.

    School Nurse Goals:

    • Utilize the electronic health record to generate a report of students with chronic health conditions (i.e. anaphylaxis, diabetes, seizures, etc.).
    • Implement measures to promote a safe environment by developing health care plans and emergency plans for 90% of students diagnosed as at risk for a life threatening event (i.e. anaphylaxis, adrenal crisis secondary to adrenal insufficiency, etc.).
    • Reduce unresolved hearing and vision screening follow-up from the previous school year by 10% as documented on the Annual State Screening Report.
    • Develop a care plan for 90% of students with documented chronic health conditions (i.e. seizures, diabetes, asthma, etc.) as identified in the electronic health record.