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    Reagan Webb Mading was born in East Texas in 1887. He was a registered pharmacist and owned 12 drugstores, the largest independent drugstore chain in Houston at the time. Upon his death in 1953, the Mading estate bequeathed $20,000 to the fledgling UH College of Pharmacy. He was also known for his love of children and insisted that they be treated as courteously as any adult customer. In 1959, Houston’s newest grade school was named in his honor: Mading Elementary School.


    Mading Dual Language STEM Academy is the best school for neighborhood students because we offer: 1.) an education that will transform student lives and empower them to reach their goal of college and beyond, 2.) rigorous, student-centered instruction, and a 3.) social and emotional foundation in order to rebuild the South Park Community and its renowned legacy.

    Core Values

    The Mading Dual Language STEM scholars instructional focus is to be able to articulate, and prove responses based on prior knowledge, investigation, resources, and textual evidence.