• A child must be registered by a parent indicated on the birth certificate. Any other person must be the Legal Guardian as ordered by a court and must provide court douments. 
     All information below is a requirement for registration. Incomplete forms or documents will not be accepted.
    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Social Security Card
    3. Immunization Record
    4. Valid Drivers License /I.D. Card
    5. Proof Of Residence (Current utility bill or Lease Contract must be in the name of Parent or Legal Guardian.) 
       -ex: Light, Water, or Gas Bill with date
       If living with someone else, you will also need a Letter from the person with whom you are living signed and dated.
    6. Withdrawal Form (if from another school)
    7. Last Report Card
    8. PK only - Current Proof of Income 
Last Modified on October 5, 2015