• Amisha Blake
    GT Coordinator
    At Cornelius, 100% of our staff is G/T certified and our G/T students are using Renzulli Curriculum, Word Smart Jr., and the Accelerated Reader Program.

    Here are some characteristics of Gifted Students that parents should use to see if they think their child is gifted:

    1. Gifted students are often perfectionist and idealistic.
    2. Gifted students may experience heightened sensitivity to their own expectations and those of others.
    3. Gifted students are asynchronous
    4. Some gifted students are "mappers" (sequential learners), while others are "leapers" spatial learners.
    5. Gifted students may be so far ahead of their chronological age mates that they know half the curriculum before the school year begins!
    6. Gifted children are problem solvers.
    7. Gifted students often think abstractly and with such complexity that they may need help with concrete study and test-taking skills.
    8. Gifted students who do well in school may define success as getting an "A" and failure as any grade less than an "A".
    9.  Gifted students usually have unusual talent in one or occasionally two areas. Below are six areas where we will find giftedness. No child will be gifted in all six, but some may be in more than one area. Within specific academic ability, students again usually have one or two subjects that they are best in and passionate about.

    Children and youth with outstanding talent who perform or show the potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared with others of their age, experience, or environment."
    - US Department of Education, 1993