Mrs. Walton

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    My name is Mrs. Roslene Walton (formerly Ms. West). I’ve been a part of the Cornelius Family since 2000. I came on as fifth grade teacher and continued in that capacity for five years.

    In 2005 the opportunity to share my love of children’s literature opened and I moved to the library.

    After completing my Masters degree, I decided to get my certification as a librarian to improve my instruction and help advance our library for the school and community.

    As I’ve worked in this position, it has been my desire to support our Cougar goal of life-long learners. I love hearing children tell me about books the enjoyed or see how excited they are when they find the book they’ve been wanting. 

    My goals have been:

    ·      to update the average year of our books

    ·       provide a variety of print resources that encourage reading and support research

    ·       incorporate classroom objectives with my own library skills lessons to build a strong base of knowledge for all students

    ·      Increase faculty use

    ·      Increase the participation of our students in reading programs/activities

    ·      Increase and encourage the community involvement in our school

    I’ve managed to achieve several of the goals listed as well as others not mentioned above. I continue to strive for improvement each year and make our library not only useful, but a well-used  by students, faculty, and parents.

    Please feel free to contact me with questions or to volunteer for one of the events hosted by the library.
    713-556-8593 (direct number)