• G/T Testing Window application deadline:December 8, 2023

    PLEASE NOTE (Vanguard Magnet applicants):
    *Vanguard Magnet applicants that are not G/T-identified in HISD must request G/T testing at either:
    1.The HISD school where he/she is enrolled, or, if not enrolled in HISD,
    2.The HISD school where he/she is zoned to attend.
    Deadline for Vanguard Magnet applicants to request G/T testing: December 8, 2023

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  • Out of District Applicants

    Houston Independent School District will not provide G/T Testing for out-of-district applicants.

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Vanguard Magnet

  • Students applying for acceptance to a Vanguard Magnet school can apply using the online or paper application and following the Office of School Choice timelines.

    Gifted and Talented (G/T) testing is required as part of the G/T identification process. If your child is not currently a G/T student attending a HISD school, then testing is required, please contact the G/T Coordinator at your child's current HISD school or HISD zoned campus. 
    Parents may choose up to five Vanguard Magnet school choices, either online or through the paper application. Acceptance into a Vanguard Magnet school is based on spaces available for non-zoned G/T students. If there are more qualified applicants than spaces available, all non-zoned G/T students who apply within the Phase 1 window are selected through a lottery. 
    The Houston Independent School District has one G/T testing window for students applying to grades 1st-12th. Therefore, only those students who are already identified as gifted and talented in HISD may apply for a space available placement at Vanguard Magnet campuses after Phase 1 Application Deadline. 

    Students seeking Entering Kinder G/T Testing may still request testing at campuses with space available. Testing for these campuses will be scheduled by the Vanguard Magnet Coordinator after the application to that campus has been reviewed. 

Request for G/T Evaluation

  • Students in all grades can apply for Gifted and Talented services in their neighborhood (zoned) school through the Gifted and Talented application. The application process for G/T identification involves the following: 

    1. Parents request G/T testing at their Neighborhood campus. 
    2. Parents collect required records from their child’s current school (see application for specific details).
    3. School schedules G/T testing, if needed. Testing is conducted during the district established testing windows.