• Courses, Electives, Clubs, and Activities 


    Magnet students at Stevenson Middle School have the opportunity to take Pre-AP core classes, so students continuously receive the most rigorous and focused instruction during their three years as a Stevenson Dragon. These Pre-AP courses prepare our students for the challenges of high school and beyond, while field trips and competitions supplement instruction with valuable experiences outside of the classroom. With several electives, clubs, and sports teams, Stevenson’s students are able to balance their middle school career with both advances academics and diverse, engaging interests.  

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    Karate- One of the many programs we offer!

      Core Courses

    ·       Pre-AP Math

    ·       Algebra*

    ·       Geometry*

    ·       Pre-AP Science

    ·       Biology*

    ·       Pre-AP English

    ·       Pre-AP Social Studies


    ·       Beginner and Advanced Robotics

    ·       Concepts of Engineering*

    ·       Principles of Information Technology*

    ·       KickStart Karate

    ·       Spanish*

    ·       AP Spanish**

    ·       Physical Education

    ·       Health*

    ·       Media Team Technology

    ·       SECME

    ·       Career Portals

    ·       Band

    ·       Art

    Clubs and Activities

    ·       National Junior Honor Society

    ·       Robotics Club

    ·       KickStart Karate

    ·       Drumline

    ·       Dance Team

    ·       Football

    ·       Soccer

    ·       Basketball

    ·       Baseball

    ·       Softball

    ·       Volleyball

    ·       Cross Country

    ·       Cheerleading

    ·       Name that Book!

    *High School Credit Course

    **College Credit Course